Refreshing Variety

VELTINS Pilsener non-alcoholic

If it needs to be non-alcoholic but should be a fresh VELTINS - then VELTINS Pilsener non-alcoholic will be the best choice.

VELTINS Pilsener non-alcoholic is available in the following trading units:

4 x 6 x 0,33 lbottle

All bottles are non-returnable.


Type bottom fermented, Pilsener style (alcohol extracted)
Colour pale gold
Smell fresh hay with malt and fresh hop aroma
Taste crisp and refreshing with malty sweetness
Foam tight, white
Bitterness well balanced with a malty finish
Original gravity 4°P
Alcohol content < 0,5 vol. %
Calorific value

14 kcal/100 ml or 58 kj/100 ml

Nutritional information

Name of the foodstuff Non-alcoholic beer
Ingredients water, barley malt, hops
Nutritional ratings per 100ml
Caloric value 14 kcal
58 kJ
Fat < 0.1 g
– of which saturated fatty acids < 0.1 g
Carbohydrates 2.9 g
– of which sugar 0.05 g
of which glucose g
Roughage 0.14 g
Protein 0.44 g
Sodium 0.003 g
Salt 0.008 g
Vitamin C mg
Niacin mg
Pantothenic acid mg
Vitamin B6 mg
Folic acid µg
BU 0.24
Alcohol content < 0.5 %vol
Original gravity Plato