Consumer information

Consumer information


The manufacturers and importers of alcoholic beverages in Germany recognise their obligation to organise their commercial communication in such a way that only moderate or enjoyable consumption of alcoholic beverages is promoted. They have therefore submitted to a strict code of conduct, which is monitored by the German Advertising Standard Council ( This code of conduct unambiguously regulates which advertising messages manufacturers of alcoholic beverages may send to whom and in which form – and thus also provides breweries in Germany with a clear framework for action.

Brauerei C. & A. VELTINS GmbH & Co. KG is strongly committed to this Code of Conduct – and adheres to it to the best of its knowledge and belief in all its commercial communications. So, among other things, we abstain from:

  • Advertising messages that call for abuse or trivialise it,
  • Measures aimed at minors who have not yet reached the age of eligibility,
  • Images of minors drinking beer,
  • Pictures of athletes who consume beer containing alcohol or encourage to do so
  • Hints intended to eliminate fear and conflict, hints to promote disinhibition, disease-related statements, highlighting a particular alcohol content

For C. & A. VELTINS GmbH & Co. KG, this is not just an obligation, but a matter of course. In our brewery and at all agencies working for us, this Code forms the framework for all advertising campaigns and messages in a uniform and unambiguous manner. It is a reference and guide for every campaign and action in the field of advertising and communication. Despite this active commitment being put into practice, it can happen that one of our advertising messages is misleading or unclear for consumers: Of course, this is neither desired nor planned by us. Should you nevertheless wish to complain about the Code of Conduct, you can contact us or the German Advertising Council directly. In this way you help us to align our messages even more sensitively and stringently with the rules of conduct.