History & background

History & background

In 1824, a small brewery in Grevenstein began to brew beer in accordance with the German Purity Law. Over 190 years later, one of the most modern private breweries in Europe has now been built in its place: Brauerei C. & A. VELTINS.

The success story of the company, which has been run by the Veltins family for five generations has its foundations in a passion for artisanal brewing, innovation, investment, entrepreneurial vision and a corporate culture that is characterised by team spirit and the highest quality standards. As such, right up until the present day, the premium beer is exclusively brewed from the highest quality ingredients – malt, hops, yeast and purest spring water – strictly according to the German Purity Law of 1516. The water that rises from the springs in the conservation area around Grevenstein is exceptionally soft.

Clemens Veltins

Hard years of learning. Soft water.
The recipe for a success story.


Clemens Veltins grew up as the son of the mayor in the village of Hellerfeld. Out of a passionate search for the perfect beer, the young Clemens went on a 6 year 'pilgrimage' of learning and travelling - including to Milwaukee, the former stronghold of American beer. In 1852, directly after returning to his native region of Sauerland, he took over the small country brewery in the small hochsauerland town of Grevenstein. The uniquely soft water of this region of Germany enabled Clemens to produce a wonderful beer, which in addition to the the brewery's own guests, was also supplied to many bars in the area. In 1883, Clemens Veltins had a new building built on the outskirts of Grevenstein. He also bought a boiler and an ice machine, and shortly thereafter, the brewery was supplied with electric power.

Clemens Anton Veltins

Two brothers with a passion.

Carl Veltins & Anton Veltins

In 1905, Clemens Veltins' factory was initially managed by the two sons, the twins Carl and Anton. Shortly thereafter, Carl's same-named son took over in the early 20's as his successor. It is from this era that the current company name C. & A. VELTINS is derived. Technical development progressed incessantly. After the installation of a refrigeration system, electric lighting and a power system was installed in the brewery – something which was an absolute novelty in the countryside!

Carl Veltins Junior

The trendsetter from sauerland.

Carl Veltins Jr.

Under Carl Veltins Jr., the decision was taken to produce beer exclusively in accordance with the Pilsener brewing method from this era onwards. The decisive factor was the particularly soft spring water, which gives fresh VELTINS its unmistakable mild taste. Milestones in the work of Carl Veltins included the purchase of the first hand-operated bottle filling machine, a new artificial ice machine in 1951, the setting up and expansion of the brewery's own fleet of vehicles as well as securing the supply of water by opening up another spring.

Rosemarie Veltins

Growth in harmony with nature.

Rosemarie Veltins

C. & A. VELTINS is expanding and is on its way to becoming one of the largest breweries in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The former brewery is included in the circle of million hectolitre producers. The brewery produced an annual output of 1.013 million hectolitres of fresh VELTINS for the first time in 1984.

Susanne Veltins

Innovation and creativity for the new millennium.

Susanne Veltins

Susanne Veltins, the great-great-granddaughter of Clemens Veltins, manages the fortunes of this traditional company. The brewery is increasingly involved in the sponsoring of regional as well as international sports and in doing so significantly increases the recognition of its name. Above all, it is innovative strength that makes the brand and company into a growing, dynamic premium brewery with a family character.