The company


VELTINS was a pioneer in environmental protection long before the protection of resources became an issue in Germany. As early as 1966 the brewery built its own clarification plant, the first in Europe to do so.

This innovation allowed Brauerei C. & A. VELTINS to clean its waste water considerably faster and with greater care. A clarification plant operating independently of the public sewers and therefore supplied with waste water from the one source is more efficient in removing all known contaminants.

Up to the present day, VELTINS sets the protection of resources at the top of its priority list. For instance, the clarification plant has been constantly upgraded with the latest technology. Also its motto “Avoid, recycle, dispose” reflects the constant efforts of Brauerei C. & A. VELTINS in this field. Besides crown corks free of PVC and recyclable labels, also broken glass is introduced to recycling as a matter of course, when they are melted down and processed into new bottles. Likewise old and damaged beer crates are granulated and turned into new crates. The detached bottle labels, cardboard boxes, and other waste paper are recycled by the paper mills.

Even the spent barley malt, also known as draff, from the brewing process serves as a high quality fodder in agriculture. Yet at Brauerei C. & A. VELTINS, environmental protection also includes responsibility in handling natural resources. The consumption of water could be greatly reduced, and today lies far below the average value on this sector.

Also the consumption of energy could be reduced thanks to a highly developed technology. In addition, this traditional enterprise was an early champion for the protection of the environment and supports numerous projects for the preservation of nature in the most heavily populated Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia. This commitment should also take sustainable effect in the future too.